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Jess McCarthy BCL, MA, Content Writer.

Hi I'm Jess. I'm a freelance writer and digital marketing strategist. This site includes a sample range of my published works, client testimonials, and contact details. I look forward to working with you! 

                                                                                                       Client Testimonials 

"Jess is a very talented writer who I love having on my team! she follows directions well, is very communicative, and hits our deadlines with her work. I am thrilled to keep using her and highly recommend her to others looking for high-quality work".
Ms Michelle Gbur Stress management coach author and speaker

"Jessica is an amazing Content writer. She does her research well and writes articles with clarity. The Subject is always explained very well by her".

Ms Sumitra Lokras Children's book illustrator

My Services

I provide the below services on behalf of clients in a variety of different sectors.

  1. Content writing /blogging.
  2. Academic article research and production. 
  3. Content Editing and reviewing.
  4. Social media Account management.

About Me

I work as a Digital Marketing specialist with Accenture full time whilst producing articles as a freelance content writer.  I am based in Dublin Ireland. I am a law graduate and have recently completed my master's in Literature. I have published over 50 blogs for a variety of different online forums. 

I am passionate about content creation and look forward to embarking upon new and exciting commercial projects!